EXTREEMA® Protections
Lashings should be protected from sharp edges, abrasion and tear, both on the side of the load as well as on the lifting device. In case a protection against damage of the sides or against tear is supplied as a part of the round sling, the protections should be applied as described. An additional protection can be mandatory.
Standard: EN 1492.

Why EXTREEMA® Protection?
Very good features:

  • High cut resistance
  • High tear resistance (with HMPE Dyneema® Sleeves)
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Good resistance to chemicals
  • Good resistance to sea water
  • Does not take up water
  • In many configurations

EXTREEMA® Protections with Dyneema®
EXTREEMA® L-series - with velcro.
EXTREEMA® XL-series - protective sleeve.
EXTREEMA® XXL-series - protective.
Standard: EN 1492-1 and EN 1492-2.

Extreema Protection_1
Extreema Protection_2
Part Code Code Width (mm) Use on CAD
12.40EP-L0100 EP-L0 80 Cable/chain
12.40EP-L1100 EP-L1 120 Cable/chain
12.40EP-L2100 EP-L2 150 WLL 1T - 2T
12.40EP-L3100 EP-L3 180 WLL 3T - 4T
12.40EP-L4100 EP-L4 200 WLL 5T - 8T
12.40EP-L5100 EP-L5 250 WLL 10T - 20 T
12.40EP-L6100 EP-L6 300 WLL 20T - 30T
12.40EP-L7100 EP-L7 450 WLL 35T - 60T
12.40EP-L8100 EP-L8 550 WLL 65T - 85T
12.40EP-L9100 EP-L9 600 WLL 90T - 115T

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