Crane Scale DynaforTM LLX2


The Dynafor™ LLX2 is a major innovation in industrial dynamometry, providing the highest degree of ergonomics, precision reliability, flexibility and endurance.
- The LLX2 sensor unit with its unique design measures the force; this is the systems body.
- The LLX2 mobile display processes and displays the data; this is the systems brain.
An extended range: The dynafor™ LLX2 comes in 7 capacities: 0.5 t, 1 t, 2 t, 3.2 t, 6.3 t and 10,0 t.
Resistant to shocks and weather: The sensor dynafor™ LLX2 can be used indoor and outdoor with its excellent shock and moisture resistance, complying with protection IP66.
High precision: The dynafor™ LLX2 ensures a precision of 0.1%: the market reference.
PC link: The connection kit option (PC/dynafor™ LLX2 with USB) allows advanced processing of the measurement data.

  • Material: Steel, aluminium
  • Temperature range: -20°C up to +40°C.


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