General: Lorry and Trucker is the highstrenght polyester webbing lashingsystem for heavy general loads. It is the markets most common lashing and is beeing used by most lorriedrivers and carriers. It is suitable for all kinds of transport veichle on road, rail, sea and in air. Can be supplied with various end fittings suitable for the majority of lashing points and produced with high quality polyester webbing.

  • Marking: According to standard
  • Standard: EN 12195-2
  • Note: Can be supplied with various lengths and end fittings.
Part Code Code LC (kN) LC (daN) Length (m) Design Colour Width (mm) 2xLC (daN) CAD
14.01LOR01ZZ100OEP LORRY 1700 17 1,700 10 Single lashing Orange 50 3,400
14.02LOR01WD0595OE10 LORRY- 1700 17 1,700 9,5+0,5 Split lashing Orange 50 3,400
14.01TRU01ZZ100BEP TRUCKER 2500 25 2,500 10 Single lashing Blue 50 5,000
14.02TRU01WD0595BE10 TRUCKER 2500 25 2,500 9,5+0,5 Split lashing Blue 50 5,000

LC = Lashing Capacity (straight)

2LC = double (2xLC)

1 daN = 1,012 kg


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