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We have the marine gantry crane you need!

The CERTEX-GH marine gantry cranes are designed and built especially for marine maintenance work and are resistant to corrosive environments. These automotive gantry cranes are available from 22 t to 550 t as standard. With the features and benefits provided by this type of machine, it can be adapted to different industries that require lifting and moving loads in open spaces. This innovative equipment have been developed for industrial applications, and with remarkable autonomy in the movement of heavy loads.

We offer a wide range of CERTEX-GH Gantry Cranes. They are all characterized by being:

  • Robust
  • User-friendy
  • Easy to maintain
  • Maneuverable

Regardless of the needed capacity of the gantry crane, all system components are placed in a perfect context that guarantees high quality and reliability - and allows for the crane to be adapted to all types of ships.

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