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Technical description lashing products

A lot has happened in load securing, both in terms of lashing equipment and ways to calculate the load lashing need.

What should the load securing be able to withstand

Check in accordance with current regulations what is required to obtain approved load securing. Also note that if the load changes between means of transportation before arrival (boat, train, road), it must be taken into account that all different requirements are met, this applies both on the trailer and in e.g a container.

The load securing device must (during road transport) be able to withstand:

  • According to EN 12195-1, the load securing device must withstand the entire load weight in the future.
  • According to EN 12195-1, the load securing device must handle half of the load weight to the sides and back.
  • If there is a risk of tipping over, the load securing unit must be able to handle 0.6 x the load weight to the sides, in accordance with EN 12195-1.

CERTEX Danmark's POWERTEX lashings with a lashing capacity of 400 kg and up are manufactured and marked to be able to be used in accordance with the above requirements.

Load securing during transport by truck

 Abbreviation  Meaning  Description
 LC  Lashing Capacity  Lashing capacity according to EN 12195
 STF *  Standard Tension Force  Tension force in the lashing at 50 daN ** in the ratchet handle
 BL, (S) BL  Breaking Load  Breaking Load
 * May be missing on the smaller 25 mm wide lashings
 ** 1 daN ≈ 1 kp ≈ 1 kg


Be sure to use the correct short and long part when using a split lashing. If the wrong short or long part is used, the values on the label will be incorrect.
Contact your CERTEX department if your POWERTEX lashing needs to be supplemented.

CERTEX Danmark A/S is constantly working to develop and improve our products, which is why the information about STF can vary over time, the information in the catalog is at least STF.


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