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We have the knowhow required

Our Lifting Knowhow is based on many years of experience and a wide range of quality products, training, inspection, services, and support. Our employees receive continuous training to meet the requirements of our customers. We offer our customers technical assistance to provide solutions, if your lifting requirements are unique. Our company culture is characterized by lifting knowhow. It is the backbone of CERTEX, and our shared ambition that our knowhow must ensure a safer lifting workplace with zero lifting accidents. We call this The Lifting KnowHow.

The Lifting KnowHow is about safety and our efforts to reduce the number of accidents that occur during lifting. For many years we have delivered innovative solutions to our customers' lifting problems, and through this we have developed extensive expertise and experience.

We value our employees' skills and expertise and are proud to develop them to achieve the highest possible standard. We use our Lifting KnowHow to give you the best possible service and technical support. We share our Lifting KnowHow each time you contact us about a lifting problem, whether you want some advice on selection of products and equipment, help for the specific lifting job by using our service offerings or recertification of your equipment.

To make it easier for you in your everyday life, you can also find information about our Lifting KnowHow through our app (available for iOS and Android) or our Lifting KnowHow videos.

Lifting KnowHow = expertise, safety, quality and service

  • Expertise is fundamental in our work to provide customized lifting solutions with high customer value
  • Safety is essential for a good working environment and always first priority in all aspects of the lifting solutions we provide
  • Quality is always in focus and adapted for the lifting application, fulfilling customer needs and local market regulations
  • Service is vital in our work to provide customer value, assuming the role as a partner to our customers 

Lifting KnowHow video tips

Learn more - watch our own Lifting KnowHow video tips below or visit our YouTube channel.

Efficient tools spread KnowHow

To contribute to increased safety as part of the daily lifting work we have developed tools for you to facilitate lifting knowhow for you.
  • Traditional load tables
  • The Lifting KnowHow for iOS and Androids App
  • The Lifting KnowHow Pocket Handbook was developed in cooperation with LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association)
  • Instruction videos about lifting on our You Tube channel

All you need in lifting products

CERTEX Danmark A/S offers a wide range of steel wire ropes and other lifting equipment. Click to see our online assortment.

Our services

We offer a wide range of services - whether you need us to help get your hoist repaired, perform a load test etc. we are ready to help you!

Quality, environment, health and safety

CERTEX Danmark A/S is certified according to quality, environment, health and safety.