CERTEX is your Diepa Special Wire Rope distributor

High quality and reliability characterize the Diepa Special Wire Rope – a high performance steel wire rope capable of performing under the most demanding of loading conditions. Steel wire ropes are critical components of a lifting appliance and must therefore meet the demands of breaking force, bending strength, abrasion or rotation resistance. As Europe’s leading lifting equipment specialist with comprehensive KnowHow in steel wire ropes, CERTEX is your consultant and we ensure that you always have the wire rope needed for even the most complex lifting jobs. Diepa Special Wire Ropes are especially suitable for offshore use or harsh conditions in general.

Application examples:

  • Offshore crane
  • Ship crane
  • Mobile crane
  • Portal crane
  • Overhead crane
  • And many more…

Rotation resistant or non-rotation resistant wire rope

Before selecting your wire rope, it is important to decide if rotation resistant or non-rotations resistant rope is needed for the lifting job. Rotation resistant ropes must be used for the lifting of an unguided load on a single fall or the lifting of an unguided load on several falls at a great lifting height. Rotation resistant ropes can be used both with and without swivel.

Non-rotation resistant ropes must on the other hand be used for the lifting of a guided load, the lifting of unguided loads on several falls at low lifting heights or the lifting of loads with right-handed and left-handed ropes operating in pairs. Non-rotation resistant ropes must not be used with a swivel.

Please contact us if you need help selecting steel wire rope for your next lifting job.

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