Rescue with stretcher (9)


Anchor points or structural anchor facilities have to meet the strength requirements related to EN-795(2012).
Static strength test: 12 kN. Keep in mind that a safety factor of 2 is a normal minimal requirement. Manufacturers have all kinds of requirements, varying from 12 kN to 25 kN and incidentally even more.
We advise to use 24 kN as a basic guiding idea for discussing and analyzing strength requirements (= minimal breaking strength). From there you may apply them to specific cases.
This can have consequences for the choice of anchor systems and also the choice of ppe. For more guidance, please contact us.

For horizontal lifeline systems a safety factor of 2 with regard to the mandatory shock impact calculations is necessary. This implies that stronger structural constructions may be necessary for the safety of the system. In case of questions or doubts: please call for advice.

It is possible to meet requirements with additional measures of the choice of ppe items, or smart, specific constructional measures. But this needs more than just clicking buttons on a website.


Basic requirement for any harness is conformity to EN-361.
If you need to do work positioning additional conformity to EN-358 is needed.
Suspension work implies harness conformity to EN-813.
Specific remark for this case:
Any harness used by rescuers in operation / training should have all of the three conformities as mentioned above here.


Connecting devices:
Lanyards, fall arrest blocks, ropes with fall arresters, karabiners, ascenders, descenders, etc..

(+) D. DESCENT or rescue

Rescue of a fallen person: Basic principle is that a rescue must be done within 15 minutes after a fall. The capacity to perform rescue after a fall is a basic legal responsibility.


Instruction / training. These are basic legal responsibilities. We can train and instruct you wherever you need it: at one of our training centres, or at your location, or wherever worldwide. Please contact us.

(+) F. FACTS

How to make sure that your safety measures are up to date: Records and documents must be stored adequately, with regard to legal responsibilities and product liability of the manufacturers / suppliers.
Periodical inspection: Anything related to personal fall protection has to be inspected at least 1 x every twelve months.