Hand Rope Winch Type 4210, 421

General: Hand rope winch, zinc plated.
- Easy and safe operation.
- Easy and space-saving mounting.
- Corrosion resistant.
- Turning respectively foldable crank.
- Proven safety concept.
- Zinc plated/stainless: type 4210
- Cast iron: type 421

Note: Excl. wire (to be ordered separately).

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Art NoCodeMaterialCap. 1st rope positionCap. final rope positionLift/crank turnCrank forceRope cap.Rec. wire rope ØWeight without rope
16.272037174210.0,08Zinc plated80401351702032,5
16.272037184210.0,125Zinc plated125641351701542,5
16.272107124210.0,125Stainless steel125641351701542,5
16.27200044421.0,125Cast iron125641351701544
DIN 3060 FE zn K1770 sZDIN 3060 FE zn K1770 sZ
Alla artiklar - Håndspil type 4210, 421 - ctl00_cph1_drawings_63792-png_exImage1 Alla artiklar - Håndspil type 4210, 421 - ctl00_cph1_drawings_63791-png_exImage1