Beam Clamp Powertex type PBC-S1

Design: POWERTEX beam clamp is adjustable for different beam types. Designed to provide quick rigging and hoisting points for a great variety of applications. Low headroom design.
Supplied with grey label for adhering over white nameplate for use in the entertainment industry.
Proof load: 1,5 x WLL.
Safety factor: 4:1.
Marking: WLL, and CE-marking.
Finish: Black painted.

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Art No
CodeWLLI beam width rangeABBCHFFGWeight
16.02PBCS10101t PBC180-2402701833709420100154223,5
16.02PBCS10202t PBC280-24027018337010220100154224,5
16.02PBCS10303t PBC390-33035524350013222148219469,5
16.02PBCS10505t PBC590-33035524350014228148219


16.02PBCS110010t PBC1090-350364269521180381652395116
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