Split Support Bracket

This bracket is generally used for attaching the reinforcement spine and used in conjunction with the adjustable suspension bracket for variable height configurations.

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Art NoSupport bracket NoProfile NoB mmH mmL mmh mms mme mmd mm
13.0221.B0321.B0321.0003665405036M 10
13.0223.B0323.B0323.0004878506048M 12
13.0224.B0324.B0324.0005788507048M 12
13.0225.B0325.B0325.000771329094610M 16
13.0226.B0326.B0326.00096150110112810M 16
13.0227.B0327.B0327.0001101801201481015M 16
Alla artiklar - Ophængsklemme B03 - ctl00_cph1_drawings_89471-png_exImage1