Moveable Jib Crane Type SK-CF

General: This type of pillar jib crane is recommended for lifting and handling of loads from 30 kg up to 250 kg. The standard jib is available in 2, 3 or 4 meters. Size 250 kg is only available with a 2-meter jib. The advantage of this type of crane: it is possible to move the crane, when needed. The moving of the crane is done with a forklift.
The jib crane is recommended where there is a need for more than one crane in various positions. When placing the crane it is essential to consider that the surface is plain and can withstand the load capacity. The weight of the specific crane is shown in the table. The jib is made in a C-profile rail, with an integrated trolley, characterized by a very low net weight as well as a very smooth running trolley. The cranes are delivered with a painted jib-arm and pillar with CE-approval.
Design: Lightweight welded beam construction providing good torsional stiffness.
Material: Beam and plate of high-strength structural steel.
Marking: Working load limit (WLL), CE marking, manufacturer, serial number, year of manufacturing, etc.
Proof load: Usually 1,5 x WLL.
Finish: Yellow painted. Other treatments available on request.

Note: The specified article numbers are for the removable foundation only. Crane and foundation are ordered separately.

It is not approved to move the crane with a hanging load.

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Art NoWLLTypeLHH1B X AWeight
WLL 30 kg
WLL 50 kg
WLL 80 kg
13.2052-908020000,08SK-CF-80/22.0004.1803.710970 X 970745
13.2052-908030000,08SK-CF-80/33.0004.2403.770970 X 9701.205
13.2052-908040000,08SK-CF-80/44.0004.3003.830970 X 9701.650
WLL 125 kg
13.2052-912520000,125SK-CF-125/22.0004.2403.520970 X 9701.235
13.2052-912530000,125SK-CF-125/33.0004.3303.610970 X 9701.915
13.2052-912540000,125SK-CF-125/44.0004.4153.695970 X 9702.570
WLL 250 kg
13.2052-925020000,25SK-CF-250/22.0004.3653.645970 X 9702.200
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