Profile Chain PC/B Grade 12

General: Specially rugged profile chain in grade 12 for lifting.
Material: Alloy steel grade 12.
Working temperature: -60ºC to +300ºC.
Marking: Every link is marked with manufactor ID and grade.
Finish: Light blue powdercoated.
Standard: Corresponding to PAS 1061 with modifications.

WARNING: Not to be heat-treated.

Chain profile

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Art No
WLLCodeBreaking forceChain Ø (D)LCEHOutside widthWeight
11.66770842,36WINPRO 792,69,447472210261,36
11.66770603WINPRO 8118128602511291,64
11.66770875WINPRO 1019620101003314372,70
11.66770778WINPRO 1331432131604119504,80
11.667707912,5WINPRO 164915016-5123607,17
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