LIFT-TEX® Industrie B.V. specializes in manufacturing and development of heavy lift HMPE slings. LIFT-TEX® Industrie b.v.is a leading & innovative Heavy Lift HMPE sling manufacturer such as round slings, webbing slings, protections and lashing systems. The Netherlands based factory produces Heavy Lift roundslings upto WLL 500T or MBL 2500T (straight pull), MBL 5000T (basket lift) tested by DNV Certification organisation.

Roundslings and protective covers made with Dyneema® are marketed under the registered brandname EXTREEMA®, based on a new innovative patent pending technology. The EXTREEMA® HMPE slings are used for manufacturing, transportation and installation of big modules, renewables, oil riggs, FPSO’s, nuclear lifting projects and the automotive industry.