Statutory inspection and servicing

Statutory inspection and servicing with electronic certificates

Control & inspection goes online with CertMax.
CERTEX DANMARK A/S launches an online certificate system that provides even better overview, history and management of the lifting & hoisting equipment in the company.

CertMax is an online certification system to ensure that each lifting & hoisting equipment will have a unique label (after your choice), and also gives the opportunity to provide lifting & hoisting equipment a location marking, which indicates where in the company the lifting- & hoisting equipment is located.
Is there once created a certificate on the lifting & hoisting equipment, the certificate is used again and again by checking and inspection and to create a history on the lifting & hoisting equipment. Certificate of identity are printed on the product.

CertMax online system shows all certificates and is also an indicator that tells how long lifting & hoisting equipment has to next control servicing, this is visualized with a date that starts with the color green, moving to yellow and when lifting & hoisting equipment has exceeded control inspection date it will be red.

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