Climbing in cage ladder (28)

This case represents a cage ladder in which a person is climbing. There is no additional safety shown. This represents a very usual practice: most people climb in cage ladders without additional protection. SOME PEOPLE THINK THAT THE CAGE OFFERS ENOUGH SAFETY. HOWEVER, IN EVERY CAGE LADDER WITHOUT FURTHER SAFETY FACILITY A DEADLY FALL IS POSSIBLE – AND THEY DO OCCUR. THAT IS WHY HERE WE HAVE A SIGN WITH AN EXCLAMATION MARK: THIS IS A DANGEROUS SITUATION, AND, NORMALLY SPOKEN ADDITIONAL PROTECTION IS NEEDED.

Additional protection can be:

• Simple ppe, which is harness and twin lanyard / srl / rope+fall arrester, which you can choose here.

• More systematic protection by permanent, either verical rail system or vertical steel wire rope system.

For these: see case nr 30 of the definite numbered overview.