Overhead Crane

A CERTEX-GH overhead crane is of a very robust construction with a high level of standardization, making them very modular and adaptable to any need. Overhead crane components have high quality and durability, and fit a variety of applications.

The structure of the box girder or standard profile is optimized by computer calculation processes. CERTEX GH design offers the best technical solution with the best mechanical value.

As a customer of CERTEX you get access to our in-house engineering which finds the best solution for you.

The optimized combination of structures and mechanisms (lifting, cross travel and long travel) on these overhead cranes reduce hook approaches and maximize the working areas.

Construction of structural welded elements is carried out with automated and robotic systems, which guarantees the repeatability of welding processes and high quality products.

The mechanisms used in our industrial cranes are indivisible part of them, covering the range of chain hoists from 500 kg to wire rope hoists of 100 tons.

We also carry out crane service, repair, preventive maintenance and renovation/upgrade of your current crane. You get original spare parts for your crane purchased from us.

In addition, you can choose a lot accessories and equipment for your crane.

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